What you need to consider before buying a wireless vacuum?

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In particular, wireless vacuum cleaners are not only lightweight but also easy to carry. They can easily be used in small areas such as stairwells or cars. Cleaning is more versatile than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Points for purchasing a wireless vacuum cleaner

What should you pay attention to when choosing a wireless vacuum cleaner? Several items will be explained. Please refer to these key points when purchasing to find products that meet your needs.

Choose the dust collection that uses: "Cyclone Separation Type" which is clean and long-lasting. The cyclone separation filter screen filters the dust and blocks it in the dust collecting cup so the dust will not affect the operation of the motor. The dust collecting cup and filter screen can be directly removed for cleaning with no extra cost.

Dust Collection Type

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Wireless Vacuum with strong suction will have a relatively louder volume. How to choose between noise and suction is also a science. In recent years, many ultra-quiet and high-suction products have appeared on the market.

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Since the wireless vacuum cleaner is made with a small amount of small-scale cleaning as the prerequisite. The dust collection is not big enough, and the dust bag needs to be cleaned frequently.

Choose the type of power supply according to usage habit

Wired vacuum cleaners can provide strong suction power, but the range is limited due to the length of the cord, and it cannot be used in environments without power sockets.

The handheld wireless vacuum must be light and handy. If they are too heavy, they will be in conflict with the handheld design. Therefore, weight, size, and related accessories are also important points to pay attention to before buying.

Some vacuum cleaners have a variety of connectors with different functions, which can be replaced according to the occasion, ex: floor, gap, flexible hose, extension head... etc. The more accessories available, the more environments you can use.

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