Which TV should you get on Prime Day 2022?

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There's little doubt that Prime Day will be the best time to get the best deals on Amazon's televisions.

For individuals more concerned with specifications, we'd check for any discount on Amazon's premium 

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brand, the Fire TV Omni Series. The 65-inch model has already received significant price cuts ahead of 

Prime Day. That makes it an even more appealing alternative for additional price cuts as part of a Prime Day TV offer.

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It's certainly feasible that we'll see some significant reductions on TCL's popular Roku TVs. 

The TCL 5-Series is also worth a look. Keep an eye on the year because some of the best prices may not be on the most recent sets.

The Sony TV is another set we'd keep an eye out for. While the most recent

models may not see significant price reductions, you may find success with a 2021 model.

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