Herbal Goods Co.


Sun dried, 100% natural corn husks become unique filters. Each filter is individually rolled by hand creating the smoothest and cleanest pull you’ll experience from a pre-roll.


Herbal Goods Co.


With over 25,000 HGC Signature Boxes sold and shipped world wide, Pre-Rolled cones have gained prestige for there phenomenal burning/smoking characteristics. We welcome you to give them a try and see for yourself.

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Wild Harvested Ebony Leave

Wild harvest Ebony leaves in Bengal. This process enables a machine, pesticide and monoculture free harvesting process. Once dry, each leaf is cut to size and shape by hand.

Smooth and unique filters are made from sun-dried corn husks that are rolled and tied by hand. No paper, no card stock, no glue.

Each cone is secured with a hand tied natural cotton string.  Eliminate the use of toxic glues and additives. No need to remove the string. It’s natural too.

Herbal Goods

Pre-Rolled Cones

Bring you the SMOOTHEST, SLOW BURNING, PREMIUM pre-rolls you can get your hands on.

Herbal Goods

Pre-Rolled Cones

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